Choosing a niche - 15+ original Onlyfans and MYM niche ideas

Choisir une niche - 15+ idées de niches Onlyfans/MYM originales

Looking for niche ideas for OnlyFans?

Then you've come to the right place!

I. What is a niche?

First, the definition of traditional marketing.

The word niche is an abbreviation for the phrase "niche market".

A niche market is the subset of the market on which a specific product is concentrated.

Now, the niche definition of OnlyFans:

In fact, it's the same thing...

You/your content are the product and the niche is the category (or categories) your content focuses on.

Think of it like this:

Who is the subset of ALL OnlyFans users that YOU target with YOUR content?

That's the question you need to answer.


II. Why do you need to have one or more niches?

OnlyFans is quite competitive in 2022. What happened in 2020-2021 led to a huge influx of OnlyFans creators.

More creators means more competition for customers' attention.

That's why you need to focus on a niche.

Niche(s) = Less competition

One of the main advantages of a niche market is less competition.

If you only target the BBW niche, you're only competing with the creators of BBW and not with ALL the creators of OnlyFans.

The more specific you are with multiple niches, the less competition there is.

A designer in the BBW niche and tattoo has less competition than a designer in the BBW niche alone.

Niche = Brand loyalty

Niche marketing helps creators build brand loyalty.

You are dealing with a smaller audience.

So you can focus on the quality of interactions with customers and nurture your relationship with them more.

All aspects of your content – your clothes, your accessories, the way you speak, type, play – should reflect your niche(s). This is an effective branding strategy.

III. Types de niches OnlyFans/MYM

There are many different niches, and combinations of niches that you can exploit.

And you can succeed with almost any niche.

But it's also true that some niches have a larger potential audience and pre-existing online communities on sites like Reddit and Twitter, so keep that in mind.

Differentes niches pour Onlyfans

IV. Niche ideas for OnlyFans

Some of the most popular niches or characters in OnlyFans are:

  • Amateur/girl next door
  • Gamer girl
  • Bratty
  • P@rnstar
  • Innocent/Kawaii/Cute
  • Cosplay
  • Find*m
  • MILF
  • Athletic
  • Yogi
  • Fitness Babe
  • College Slut
  • Dominatrix
  • Squirter

Some niches come from your origin, for example your ethnicity or color:

  • Black
  • White
  • Indian
  • Asian


Others come from your physical appearance:

  • Big boobs
  • small boobs
  • BBW
  • Small waist
  • Big @ss
  • Thick thighs
  • etc.

Your niche is not limited to physical characteristics.

Some people use their profession as a niche:

  • naughty nurse
  • teacher
  • scientist
  • student
  • etc.

Ask yourself what your interests are and how you could incorporate them into creating fun and sexy content?

Here are some niche ideas for Onlyfans related to interests or hobbies:

  • Cooking
  • baking
  • sports
  • cosplay
  • cryptocurrency
  • etc

... can all be used as a niche.

V. Find your niche

Once you've figured out what an Onlyfans niche is, niche types, and read some of our OnlyFans niche ideas?

And that you still don't know clearly which niches you belong to or which ones you can focus on...

So, if you're just starting out, you could just try a bunch of things and see what you like and what sells.

Try to create the content that feels most natural to you.

You will eventually form your own niche.

But don't do stupid things like calling yourself "mistress_xyz" if you're not in some sort of dominance niche!

IV. Online Niche Communities

Reddit is the easiest platform to find communities (called subreddits) to promote your niche content to.

Subreddits are communities of Redditers interested in the content of this subreddit.

For example, here are some subreddits related to BBW/chubby:

  • chubby
  • curvy
  • hipdips
  • lovehandles
  • thethiccness
  • gonewildchubby
  • curvesareawesome
  • curvybrunettes
  • curvychicks
  • thickthighs
  • sensualcurves
  • voluptuous
  • naturalcurves
  • thickandcurvygirls
  • curvyxxx
  • amazingcurves

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