How to create a successful Onlyfans banner

Comment créer une bannière Onlyfans réussie

Looking for banner ideas for OnlyFans?

Your banner of your OnlyFans page and your profile picture are two elements as well as your bio (we have written a guide to creating an optimized bio available here) of your OnlyFans page that potential subscribers can see BEFORE clicking the subscribe button.

You want these photos to "convert" the visitor by clicking the subscribe button and that's why your banner is an important part of your Onlyfans page.

Apercu d'une banniere Onlyfans

Key points for your Onlyfans cover photo

1. Show your personality: Use images that highlight your niche/personality and what you have to offer as a content creator.

2. Use bright colors: You want to attract attention, so use colors and lighting that is bright, positive and pleasant (unless you are in the gothic niche!).

2. Use high-quality images: It's basic, but blurry or low-quality won't be enough. You want sharp, accurate and aesthetically pleasing images.

3. Always try: Try different cover photos to see if any of them bring you noticeably more followers. The fewer people you have clicking on your page, the longer you'll have to wait to see if a different photo actually makes a difference.

Why is your Onlyfans banner so important?

Here are some reasons why your OnlyFans banner is so important for getting more followers on social media:

1. Branding: A banner can be used as part of your branding. If you're aiming for a consistent image on social media, the same profile picture and cover photos, etc. This will make it easier for potential followers to recognize and recall you.

2. Positive vibe: Most of your followers probably want to feel good and escape something in their normal/boring lives. If all your content is optimistic, subscribers will appreciate this and you can become their "escape", so to speak.

3. Content preview: If your page is paid, potential followers have so far viewed your content on social media. Your banner (as well as your bio) can be like a final preview of the content they can expect to see once they subscribe, so anything that can spark excitement and anticipation for what's in your profile helps.

4. This is the last step in your sales funnel: The banner plays an important role in your sales funnel, it is literally the LAST step in a potentially long sales funnel. A potential subscriber is ON YOUR PAGE and this is the last control you have to switch them and make them click the subscribe button NOW.

Onlyfans banner specifications

Here are the specifications for the Onlyfans OnlyFans banner:

1. Dimensions: Unlike Twitter banners, the dimensions of the OnlyFans banner are 1168 x 204, which gives a ratio of 5.73. Your banner will be resized automatically on computers and mobile devices, so it's important to keep the main point of the cover photo well centered to prevent it from being cropped on any device.

2. Cannot contain any complete nudity: Instagram's guidelines apply to your cover (and profile) photos. You can be suggestive and sexy, but no full frontal nudity is allowed.

3. File Type: The photo must be submitted as a JPEG or PNG file.

4. No watermarks: OnlyFans reserves the right to remove any banner that accidentally contains copyrighted material, advertising messages or any other text that could negatively affect their appearance.

5. The banner must not be offensive: No profanity, nudity, graphic violence or other explicit images are strictly allowed. OnlyFans reserves the right to remove any banner that violates these guidelines.

6. File size: The maximum allowed file size is 10 Mb (10 megabytes).

OnlyFans banner ideas:

1. Wide photos: Since the cover photo is a "landscape" style photo, you may want to use poses where you are lying down, such as lying down. This type of photo works well:

Photo allongé pour une banniere Onlyfans
Idee de photo mode paysage adapté a une banniere onlyfans

2. Merge 3 or more photos into one: Select 3 or 4 of your best teaser photos and create a single image using the banner specifications. Using Canva to make this image, it's very easy to do.

Collage de 4 photos adapté a banniere d'une page Onlyfans

3. Use text creatively: You can use Canva to add text to your cover photo. For example, if you have a personal domain like (which redirects to your AllMyLinks or OnlyFans, for example), you can include it in your banner. It's good for your branding.

In conclusion

Ultimately, your banner won't make or break your success on OnlyFans, but it's also not negligible. It can help convert visitors into followers after clicking on your page after all the hard work of promoting on social media. Finally, it can contribute to your branding, which will make you memorable and through the multitude of creators who already offer content on Onlyfans. If you are looking to go further our agency Onlyfans takes care of your Branding (which includes the banner) in the management of your account, for more questions we remain available here.

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