Getting started on OnlyFans without followers - 7 steps to success

Se lancer sur OnlyFans sans followers

We are often asked how to launch on onlyfans without followers...

And the answer is that it's quite simple!

You just need to know

-First create an Onlyfans account Via this link (A quick steps to verify your account)

- The right social networks to promote

- How to set up your sales tunnel to your OnlyFans

- A content strategy

Follow our 8-step guide shown below and you will know exactly how to launch an OnlyFans without followers in no time.


How to launch an OnlyFans without followers?

Though it's true that those stories of overnight success you hear about -- where a designer earned $100,000 in her first month ....

YES, they already had a large number of subscribers on social media.

And you're right to think that's why they made so much money so quickly.

But if you are ready to:

To work seriously

Have reasonable objectives

And be happy to gradually increase your income instead of exploding it

You can be 100% successful on OnlyFans by starting with 0 following.

How long will it take to be successful when you start without followers?

If you work hard and are consistent

You can reach $1k/month in 2 to 6 months.

Once you hit $1k per month, you can then reach $5k and $10k month.

This guide will show you how to get from 0 to 1k $ per month in 2-6 months.

Follow the 7 steps below to find out how to start an OnlyFans without followers.

I. How to launch an OnlyFans without followers-Have a niche

What is a niche?

It's your content style, your audience, your branding and your personality.

Every aspect of your content:

- Your clothes

- The accessories you use

- The way you talk

- Your attitude

... Everything must reflect the niche you have chosen.

Some of OnlyFans's most popular niches are:

- Bratty

- P * rnstar

- Innocent at home

- Kawaii

- Animal/Cosplay

- Findom

- Milf

- Athletic

- Yogi

- Fitness Babe

- College Sl * t

- D * mina

It's a good idea to look at successful creators to see how they create their branding and how they show their personality in their content.

If you're in the Kawaii/Cute/Cosplay niche, here are some content creators worth seeing.


It's a good idea to link your nickname to your niche.

For example, "lilykawaii" literally has the name of its niche - "kawaii"-in its nickname.

It's a good idea.

Study everything from their posing to the captions of their posts-there is always something to learn.

You should also check where and what they are posting, for example on Reddit, Insta, etc.

II. Invest in a basic kit.

As you want to know how to start an OnlyFans without followers, you should understand that your content must be quality. No one will give you a free pass for low-quality content because they don't know you or have anything to do with you... again! 😉

If you're really running out of money...

All you really need is a decent smartphone with a good camera.

If you have a recent iPhone, you already have a quality camera, so no need to invest in another.

If you have 40 to 50 euros to invest in this OnlyFans business, the best investment would be:

1. A Ring Lit:

Trepied ring light

Basic Kit:

Improved Kit:

2. A tripod with Bluetooth remote control

Small tripod (ideal to put it on a desk):

Large tripod (convenient for laying it on the ground):

It is generally good to have the two same if the Ring Light can suffice because it generally has a point to hang your smartphone, having both allows you to deport your lighting relative to the angle of your smartphone.

Good lighting literally makes the difference between amateur photos and quality photos.

A power ring is the best element to start if you don't already have one.

Note: This is our recommended content strategy for beginners to know how to start an OnlyFans without any followers. It's NOT the only strategy to make money on OnlyFans starting with 0 following-but we 've had a lot of success using it in our agency.

In order to win $1000 on OnlyFans as fast as possible, here is our recommended 3-step strategy.

Make your OnlyFans page free ( Create an Onlyfans account Via this link ) Or offer a 30-day free trial.

(Or offer a low-cost subscription, for example $4-5).

Focus on promoting Reddit (this is the best platform when you start with 0 following)

Ssell PPV (Pay per View Content) on OnlyFans in the DMs.

What is the logic behind this implementation.

The idea is that most of your revenue will be generated by the sale of PPV (Pay Per View) and personalized content (for example, a personalized video of you making X) on OnlyFans.

That's why you need a free page, a 30-day free trial, or at least a low price.

Because you want to have the opportunity to sell to as many people as possible.

You need people on your OnlyFans page so you can offer them attractive offers.

Here's what you need to do

You need:

✅A list of subReddits to promote (continue reading our guide...).

✅20-30 teaster style photos for promotional purposes.

✅A menu of stuff content for sale on OnlyFans (services and PPV)

✅(Optional) 3-5 gifs/short videos for promotional purposes.

‼️ AND OUR‼️

✅3-5 pre-recorded videos that you can sell in the DM.

IV. Create an OnlyFans account (free/low subscription price)

Create a new OnlyFans account is easy.

But if you need help, check out our article about creating a new OnlyFans account.

Set the price of your subscription to free.


Propose a 30-day free trial.

Read our article on how to write a good OnlyFans bio.

V. Start Promoting on Reddit

Reddit is THE best platform for creators who start with 0 following.

Why Reddit for new creators?

Reddit is the best platform when you start an OnlyFans without followers because Reddit doesn't really care, or has no concept of how many "followers" you have.

If you make good content and post it in the right subauddits, you'll get clicks and views.

The number of following you have makes no difference.

Good content is referenced at the top of the list and gets views.

On Instagram, people watch the number of following.

The likes matter and people are really interested in them on Insta.

Social pressure is an important part of Instagram and other social networks, and getting quickly like it from existing followers is also an important part of going viral.

Reddit levels the playing field for creators without followers.

Accounts without followers and accounts with 1 million followers are no different.

Equal chances, equal results.

What is Reddit and how to get started?

So we 've convinced you that Reddit is the best platform if you want to launch an OnlyFans without followers.

But how do you get started on Reddit?

There are only three terms you need to understand to "understand" Reddit for OnlyFans.


C'est quoi un subreddit ?

Reddit is made up of many small communities called subReddits.

SubReddits are generally referred to as follows: "r/nomDuSubreddit"


Would be called r/gonewild.

Upvote & Downvote

Reddit operates under a voting system in which users can vote in favor or against

On posts and comments.

The content that received the highest number of positive votes minus negative votes will be displayed higher on the page.

The votes are submitted using the gray arrows located to the left of the message.

Between the arrows is a number, which corresponds to the sum of the positive votes minus the negative votes.


Karma is the sum of the positive votes minus the negative votes.

There are two types of karma: commentary karma and link karma.

The comment karma is obtained by users who vote up or down the comments.

And link karma is obtained when users vote on link posts.

Messages that are only text (called "Self-posts") do not receive karma.

How to promote your OnlyFans on Reddit?

Now that you have understood the basis of Reddit and what a subReddit is.

You're probably seeing now that the key to getting views and clicks on Reddit will be to post your content in the right subresdits.

If you are a creator of BBW content, you will need to find subReddits related to BBW content-communities of people who are interested in what you offer.

If you are in the Milf niche, you need to find subReddits related to the Milf/Mature and so on.

Your next question should be:

How can I find the best subReddits for my niche?

The short answer is as follows.

Here are the best resources to find niche subReddits:

1. Nsfw subredits list

VI. Create a Tiktok account

After Reddit, TikTok is the second best platform to launch an OnlyFans with no followers.

For the same reasons as Reddit-social proof just isn't that important on TikTok.

(Although followers are definitely more important on TikTok than on Reddit, they are less important than on Instagram, Twitter, etc).

Becoming viral is the key on TikTok-and it depends on understanding and mastery of the algorithm.


Never put your OnlyFans link on TikTok.

If you put your OnlyFans link on TikTok (or even if you mention "OnlyFans"), you will be banned.


The safe way to transfer TikTok to OnlyFans following:

Put your Instagram link/name in the TikTok bio...

On Instagram, put your links/allmylinks...

On links/allmylinks, put your link OnlyFans...

And then they arrive OnlyFans.

So how do you get TikTok following?

- Poster consistently

- Use viral sounds and make suggestions-like videos using them.

- Make lives! Live makes it possible to obtain a large number of views on TikTok.

- Try not to be banned (don't post pictures of nuses or too sexy things).

- Define the framework of your TikTok as follows: You are a normal artist but it turns out that you have an OnlyFans.

- If you use a sexy sound, dress very modestly.

- If you want to dress a little more in a more suggestion way, do not be too close to the camera, move away a little and do not use obvious sexual sonorities.

- Show either a neckline or legs, but not both. If you display both or too much skin, you may be banned.

- Do not show underwear

- If you're banned, do it again! It's the game!

- Copy TikTok trends

- Copy the popular creators

- Take back the popular designers in your niche

- Try to bring your personal touch when you resume content.

- Filter the comments! Thus, you will not even see the unpleasant comments.

- Googler "tiktok post times" and you will get a chart of the best times to post-convert it according to your local time zone.

- Go to "creator tools" in the settings and activate the scans.

- Answer the comments with a short and kind message of the "thank you" style.

VII. Conclusion

Here are our tips for being successful and having a good basis with a strategy that we put in place for some of our models, if you have any hesitation or questions to go further in the management of your accounts by us to help you know that you can contact us Here .

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