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To get started on OnlyFans, the very first step is obviously to create your account.

OnlyFans will take you through a process of verifying your identity.

Verification requires up-to-date government-issued photo identification (preferably a passport).

Once your account is created and verified, people will be able to subscribe to your page, you can start publishing content, and set the price of your subscription and other settings in your profile.

I. Before you start

Think about and/or make sure you're ready to post online. Any photos or videos you post online can potentially be leaked, it's always a possibility with anything you post on the internet.

So think about things like showing your face or not? Will you make a connection to your real-life social media? What kind of content will you publish?

The type of content you publish is called your "niche" – you can check out our free ebook for beginners from OnlyFans on how to select a niche.

And finally, if you start making money, don't spend it immediately. Keep 30-50% for taxes. Your taxes probably won't be that high, but it's better to be careful.

II. Set the price of your subscription

The first thing to set is the price of your subscription. You can do this in the "Settings" menu.

You have to choose whether it is a free or paid account.

There is one key difference between free and paid accounts.

A free account allows you to add a price for posts on your page that your followers can pay to unlock and view content. These are Pay Per View (PPV) messages and you can only use this feature on free accounts.

Whether your page is free or not and the amount of subscriptions depends on your overall strategy on OnlyFans.

III. Basic profile settings


You must update your username and display name. No one wants to subscribe to 'u407195'.

You can define your username and your name displayed in the "Settings" menu:


An OnlyFans bio is a short text description that appears just below your name.

In your OnlyFans bio, you have 160 characters to add a description of your OnlyFans page to help your potential followers understand what your page and its content is about, and encourage them to subscribe.

Hide the number of followers

You can access this setting in "Settings -> Security -> Show fans count on your profile."

Welcome Message

Your welcome message is automatically sent to each new subscriber you earn. Use it wisely.

You can access this feature via "Settings -> Chats -> Welcome message for new fans"

Subscription offers

If it's a paid page, you need to set up subscription bundles to make it easy for people who want to subscribe to it.

You can offer 3-, 6- and 12-month subscriptions at a discounted price for loyal fans who want this type of offer.

Here's how to set up bundled subscriptions:

In the "Settings" menu, go to "Promotions".


You can also set standard discounts or limited-time discounts via the promotions menu in the settings.

You can offer discounts for a limited time to encourage potential fans to subscribe.

Block users from certain countries

If you are concerned about privacy in certain countries, you can prevent people from those countries from seeing your page. For example, if you're from France, you might not want people from that country to be able to see your page.

IV. Profile optimization

There are 4 important elements in your profile that you need to optimize.

These are

1. Profile picture

2. Cover photo

3. Bio

4. Username

1. Your profile picture

It must be successful. No selfies in the bathroom or dark lighting.

You want a bright and exciting profile picture that captures attention.

Feel free to use apps to edit and enhance your profile picture, as it is very important.

2. Your cover photo

Like your profile picture, it has to be perfect.

Keep in mind the orientation of the photo - the site is in landscape format, so your cover photo must fit this profile - just like a Facebook cover photo!

3. Your bio

Your bio should clearly indicate the purpose of your profile. The type of content you post. What you propose.

But it should also be fun, playful and personal. We recommend using emojis.

4. Your username

Choose a good username. If it has something to do with you and your content style, that's even better. Try to have a unique and memorable username.

V. How to quickly earn likes on your profile

It is very important to have a lot of likes on your profile, because no one wants to subscribe to a profile with 12 likes.

Humans naturally follow what is already popular – this is called social proof.


Add the following text (or similar text) to your welcome message:

"Thank you for joining my page, baby! Like all my posts and send a message to receive a free photo! "

Another example:

" Thank you for joining my OnlyFans page! I'm so happy to have you on board. Please click/tap the heart under the messages you like. That way, I'll know what else to post in the future! The tips under the messages also help with this. Thank you all! "

When you receive the DMs saying "done", you can check that they really liked your messages and send the photo/video as a reward.

This way, you get free likes on your profile.


Create a pinned post where you promise a reward in exchange for appreciating all or a number of your posts.

This reward can be a bonus video or photo that you haven't posted yet.

Between your welcome message and your pinned post, you should start earning likes on your profile very quickly as soon as you start promoting your account.

It is not possible to hide the number of likes on your profile. (but you can hide the number of fans and media in "Settings -> Privacy").

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