How to make money on Onlyfans in 2024 ? Complete Guide

Gagner de l'argent sur Onlyfans

This guide explains how to make money on Onlyfans in 2024.

What changed on OnlyFans in this year 2024? Onlyfans is now more competitive due to the influx of creators over the past year and a half (you can guess what caused this).

But don't worry about it, read our essential tips below to learn how to make money on Onlyfans and stay ahead of other creators.

I. Introduction

Who is this guide for?

In our agency, we are more oriented on content creators who produce content for adults. Onlyfans isn't just for adult content, but that's what we're focusing on to effectively help our models.

Now, adult content can mean many different things to different people, so please define and always stay within your personal boundaries. It's even possible to earn money on OnlyFans by publishing content that isn't necessarily explicit. Some models publish no explicit content at all. And some models publish more explicit solo and B/G (boys and girls) content, depending on your vision.

What is OnlyFans?

Onlyfans describes itself as a social network where anyone creating online content can set a monthly subscription rate for their following. It does not specifically target people who sell explicit content.

However, it is no secret that most creators on Onlyfans sell adult content it has become a Memes. Onlyfans is a platform that allows fans to pay to see their favorite content creators on a subscription basis. Imagine Twitter, but you can't see someone's content until you pay their subscription.

OnlyFans also looks a bit like Patreon, but without the different subscription/third-party levels. You can interact and engage your community easily on Onlyfans, you can send direct messages to fans directly on the platform. Making a sense of "connection" and "authenticity" by interacting with your fans is one of the key principles for understanding how to make money on OnlyFans (we will see this in more detail).

How much money can you generate on Onlyfans?

After 3 to 6 months of regular work, starting with 0 social media subscribers, you could earn between $500 a month, at the bottom of the basket, and more than $10,000 a month at the top of the basket. You can set the price of your subscriptions yourself and sell content (photos, sets of photos, videos) on a payment basis (Pay-per-View or PPV). The more subscribers you have, the more money you make per month.

However, many creators actually make their money from PPV content. The minimum amount you can claim for subscriptions is $4.99 per month and there is no upper limit. You can ask as much if people are willing to pay it.

Keep in mind that creators and adult content actors/actresses may only be asking for a maximum of $10 to $20 a month. The minimum amount for paid private messages (PPV) and types are $5.00.

You really don't need to get an impressive number of subscribers to earn very good income. It's not uncommon for a single fan to pay $80 to $100 to an Onlyfans model.

If you make someone feel special and you interact with them, it's quite easy, and it can just involve asking how their day went. Get only 10 subscribers in this way and suddenly you 've reached $1,000 a month for not a huge amount of work done.

Tip: One of our basic strategies is to attract users with low and/or free subscription rates (yes, yes you read that right free!), Then to arouse their curiosity and encourage them to buy PPV content.

How to start on Onlyfans

The first step is to register on the platform:


Define a user name and display name:

  • User Name-This name will appear in the URL of your account, preceded by the symbol "@". For example, with a user name "your NomUser", your profile URL will be And your symbol "@" will be "@ votreNomUser".
  • Display Name-This name is displayed both on your profile and on your publications. You can add spaces and emojis to this name (unlike the user name) to make it more attractive.

We will give you several tips for choosing the name/nickname:

It makes sense to add one or two emojis maximum to following your display name to make it more eye-catching, note the difference between the two with emoji and without emoji.

Try to make your user name and display name related to Your niche .

Try to get the same username on all social media platforms. Use Namecheckr To check the availability of your name on Reddit and Twitter, and Instausername To verify that your name is available on Instagram.

In order to receive the money you earn from your subscriptions, as well as the tips they send you or the PPV content they unblock, you must add a bank account to your OnlyFans account.

However, v We can add a bank account or Other Once your account is verified , And for this you will be asked to provide an identity document in the form of one of the following documents:

  • Passport
  • ID card
  • Driving license

You will also need to take a photo of yourself with the ID as part of the verification procedure.

But also to provide some additional information on your profile that will facilitate verification such as your website, Instagram or Twitter with content about you. So take care before this process has this verification to create an Instagram or Twitter account and post a minimum of 5/6 photos of your profile (q Uelques Suffiron selves (T).

Once, the verification request sent the indicated time is 24 h-48 h so do not expect a response within the hour.

As soon as you have had a positive response, you can start receiving the money transfers from Onlyfans, you need to enter your bank account details or whatever so that Onlyfans knows where to send the money you have earned.

Payments are made automatically on a daily basis and you can update or change your bank account information at any time via the "Add bank" option in the menu. Most banks process funds received from Onlyfans on the same day (if you live in the United States), but depending on your bank, it is quite common that can take 3 to 5 days before the money does not arrive in your account especially if your bank is located in Europe. Recently, Onlyfans reduced the minimum withdrawal limit to $20 from $50 before and added other payment options.

Overview of Onlyfans

When you sign up for OnlyFans as a content creator, you have the following tab on your menu.

Here is a little resume of each:

  • My Profile- Your Onlyfans profile page.
  • Referrals- If you sponsor people to register on OnlyFans with your unique link, you can receive 5% of their earnings for a year.
  • Collections (Bookmarks, Lists, Labels):
  • (Bookmarks) - You can favorite your own posts or those of others.
  • (Lists) - You can use lists to create segments of your fans to send in bulk, for example “long-term subscribers” or “vip subscribers”).
  • (Labels) - Set up your various posts/content with different keywords for you and your fans to prevent them from getting lost, for example “Toys” or “Foot Fet”).
  • Tie- You can schedule posts in advance.
  • Vault- All your content in one place, visible only to you.
  • Settings- All parameters can be found here.
  • Statements- All the information of your payments.
  • Statistics- All the information about your different income (subscriptions, tips, messages).
  • Promotions- This allows you to create promotional campaigns on subscription or bundles (several months of subscriptions) but also trial links to encourage those interested to subscribe.
  • Release forms- Allows you to send a discharge form to the person (s) that appear in content on your OF page.

(Note that Onlyfans is translated into 13 languages, including French included, but we prefer to mention the English words to you, because you will have much easier to search for an answer in English on a particular problem rather than in French).

Onlyfans User Interface

Before creating your account and setting up your profile, we will first familiarize ourselves with the user interface.

As you can see, there are many different things that you can do in OnlyFans as a content creator:

1-Publish on your feed: post on your feed as on twitter.

2-Attach a media: you have the possibility to add a single photo, several photos, a single video or several videos to your message.

3-Record a voice: you can publish audio files on your feed.

4-Do a survey: like on Twitter, you can create surveys for your fans.

5-Add a time limit to your post: you can add an expiration date to your post so that it is only visible for a certain period (useful for announcing your next live).

6- Plan posts: You can schedule posts in advance. Let's imagine that you have created a whole bunch of content: you can schedule a whole week of posts, for example on Sunday, for the week to come.

7- Place your content behind a paywall (PPV): if you have set up your free account subscription, you can display paid posts (PPV) on your feed. This option (can be very useful depending on your strategy) is not available on your account if you have paid subscription.

8-Live/live broadcast: like on Instagram or Tiktok, you can launch a live broadcast and your subscribers will be informed. (Set up a live schedule for your fans example all Sundays at 5 p.m., they will be able to organize themselves better in advance to be present on your live).

9-Publish Stories: like on Insta or Snapchat, you can publish Stories that end after 24 hours.

10-Receive tips: you can receive tips on any feed post and directly into the DMs.

11-Send DM: You can send messages individually, but you also have the possibility to send messages en masse to all your subscribers at the same time.

How to make money on Onlyfans-The Basis

There are several ways to earn money on OnlyFans:

  • Subscriptions
  • PPV Content (Feed & DM)
  • Tips via your feed posts
  • Tips via the DM
  • Mass Messages
  • Live/stream
  • Personalized requests
  • Sale of underwear
  • Wishlist Amazon

Before going into the details of each of them, it is necessary to take into account a few important principles in order to understand how to make money on OnlyFans. Take into account these few important principles.

Choosing a niche & a persona

You really need to choose a niche or a kink.

This will then be part of your branding and your persona or public identity.

Every aspect of your content: your clothes, accessories, the way you speak, the way you write, your behavior must reflect the personality you have chosen.

Some most popular niches or persona Onlyfans are:

  • P * rnstar
  • Innocent
  • Kawaii/Animal/Cosplay
  • Milf
  • Athletic
  • Yogi
  • Fitness
  • Domina

You can observe the biggest creators to see how they brand their identity and how they show their persona (and also where and what they post, for example on Reddit or Twitter).

As you say, try to link your "username", your online username to your branding and persona.

Post regularly

At first, you need to publish every day.

People who view your profile and plan to subscribe can see your total number of posts (and other statistics) at the top of your profile, they need to see that you post content on a regular basis if they want to subscribe.

It is therefore important to display the total number of posts as soon as possible. As long as you do not have a few dozen subscribers, you should hide your number of subscribers (this option is available in the settings).

Use routines to help you publish content consistently. Dedicate certain days of the week and/or certain hours of the day to content production, content posting, and maybe even content programming.

By getting involved every day and working smart, you are sure to start meeting your financial goals.

Develop personal and emotional relationships

Try to check your messages frequently and be responsive. When your subscribers are on OnlyFans but you are not online, they will find someone else who is online and responsive.

Developing relationships over time with key people can pay off. A single fan can end up regularly paying you a non-net amount of income, if you invest time in the right people.

Listen to your fans

By becoming an OnlyFans model, you become a service provider and as long as Provider Of services, they say that "the customer is always right".

This does not mean that you have to bend over backwards for your customers or do something that does not suit you, but to treat them properly and satisfy their desires is one of the keys to making money on OnlyFans.

One way to get a back is to post a poll at the top of your feed asking what content people would like to see from you.

Here are some of the bottom line examples you might add in your poll:

  • Videos Try-on bikinis/try
  • Underwear
  • Videos Worout
  • B/G Videos
  • Photos of feet

And add a comment saying "Anything that's not listed, let me know in DM."

Engagement is the key

Always try to make your fans communicate with you.

Use surveys, stories, questions and DMs to get your fans' attention.

Be patient

Remember that it will take you time and work to start making money compared to a marathon and not a race.

How to make money on onlyfans: features

Let's look at the features of OnlyFans that are essential to make money on OnlyFans. The first may seem weird to you.

Have a free page Onlyfans

Onlyfans have planned this and allows you to have 2 pages, so consider having a free page and a paid page and you even have the possibility to link the two pages.

Why will a free page ask?

People want an overview of you and your content before paying a monthly subscription. You can post PPV posts on your feed, a feature that is not available for paid subscription accounts.

When you're new to Onlyfans and don't have a lot of following, likes or content, it's a big ask for a visitor to subscribe and pay up front to see your content before they even know what it's about.

Before you subscribe, people want to know what kind of content you're posting, how often, whether you're mostly posting videos or photos, whether you're responding to messages, whether you're creating personalized content. Some of this information should be in your bio.

That's a good thing, because it allows you to bring value from the get-go, teasing and promoting, and convert free-to-paying-subscribers over a longer period (not everyone is going to pay instantly).

Ppv publications

You can only create PPV publications or “put a price” of a publication if you have a free OnlyFans account.

PPV publications are amazing because they make you money on autopilot.

You create them once and they make you money forever.

Two elements are very important for successful PPV publications:

The overview

Capture an image of your video where you want to create a preview, then insert those captures into the post and put them in preview on the post.

These images will be visible for free-they allow your subscribers to "preview" the content in question before paying to unlock it.

Choose attractive images that make them want to see the video.

The legend of the publication

The legend is the text that accompanies the PPV publication.

Just like the preview, subscribers can see this text before they pay to unlock the post.

Use this text to prompt and give some exciting details for your fans to want to unlock the media.

Mass messaging

The mass messaging feature on Onlyfans is really good.

To send a mass message, you just need to check the "All Subscribs" box when creating a new message:

Here is a typical example:

Send a mass message to all your followers with a photo or message to let them know that you are thinking of them or that you have this new video that you want to share with them.

Some will answer and some will not. Engage A short conversation with them Who respond and direct the conversation to selling something.

These people can tip you or request personalized photos and videos for which you can also apply for payment.


The stories on Onlyfans are similar to the stories on Instagram.

You can use this feature to publish content throughout the day:

  • Share your Instagram theories also on Onlyfans.
  • Taster stores when you create future content/or a moment of everyday life.
  • Anything that could get your fans to know you better.
  • Post selfied.


Polls are great for fostering engagement and interaction.

Adding a survey to a publication is easy: just select the survey option when creating a new publication.


You can also choose the duration of the survey. The good polls generate commitment without even requiring fans to comment.

Here are some survey ideas:

  • What kind of content do you want to see next? A, B or C?
  • What do you think of my rates?
  • Should I publish more free content?
  • Did you know that I offer X, Y and Z services?

Perhaps it is best to send a mass message to your subscribers when you publish an important poll, to inform them to vote and make clear that there is a limited time to vote and that their opinions matter.

Ask a question

It works in the same way as the feature you already know on Instagram.


How it works? When you create a "question mark" icon at the top. You enter your question and position it on an image of your book.

When subscribers respond, this is displayed as a notification and you can choose to respond by private message or make it public in a stories.

How to use it to your advantage to get returns:

Ask what people like and don't like on your page, you will get a lot of valuable feedback to increase engagement.

Here are some ideas to help you:

  • {selfie} "Ask me all your questions" (AMA)
  • {2 tenues} Ask which outfit is better, "A" or "B"?
  • {partie du corps} Do you like this part of my body?
  • {tenue} Do you like my outFit?
  • {tenue} Should I buy this?
  • {tenue} Would you take me if I carried this for you?
  • {selfie} What's your favorite position?

We suggest a type of {photo} And a question to associate.

Friends list

Onlyfans recently added a feature called "suggested accounts".

How it works? When someone views your profile, Onlyfans suggests other Onlyfans pages to follow based on the profile's friends list. How to benefit from it? Ask other models to add you to their friends list. Ideally, these models can be found in your niche or have physical characteristics similar to your own, and ideally, they also have a lot of subscribers.

How to convince models to add you to their friends list? Send them a private message to the models on Twitter, Onlyfans or Reddit, etc. And let them know that you added them as friends on Onlyfans. They will probably add you back as soon as they see your message.

Now, when people look at the pages of these templates, you can appear in their lists of "suggested accounts" and thus get more subscribers.

How to add models to your friends list:

Steps :

    1. Go to the URL of the person you want to add.
    2. At the top right, click on the 3 vertical points.
    3. Select "Add to/drive from lists". Choose "Friends".

Now, to make sure fans/subscribers can see your friends:

      1. Edit your profile.
      2. Scroll down to "Privacy and Health."
      3. Search the "Public Friends list" option in the list. Activate it (the blue color means that it is activated).

More details about this feature:

On mobile tablet and on computer, when you or your fans consult your profile, you will see that there is now a "Friends" section. And at the top left of the friend's photo there may be symbols. A % sign means that the person is currently offering a percentage promotion. It will be listed for FREE if it is a free/promotion subscription. No symbol means there is no discount right now.

When you look at your profile statistics (My profile> Top right, the 3 points> Statistics ), You will be able to see if you received any traffic from other Onlyfans users who have added you to their friends list.

The notes


The notes allow you to set a specific rating for each fans. Draft a note about some of your most committed fans. What they like/don't like, etc (he doesn't see the note, it allows you to remember the keynotes about him because you can't remember everything).

Use this information in private messages, fans will be delighted to see that you know or you have retained something from them.

The LVs

Live or live streaming is a great tool at your disposal to make money. But they ask for certain criteria by the platform which are: to have 5 recent positions, to have a minimum of 5 current subscriptions, and also to have recent activity from your fans on your fact (like, comment...).

You can set a date and time to stream live one (or more) times a week. It's a great way to strengthen ties with your audience, build community and build fan-building. In addition, people tend to give tips during live broadcasts.

Even if people don't tip, they can put hearts/I like on your broadcast, comment and engage, and people who missed it live can watch it in replay, which also creates reusable content.

If you get into live streaming, it's very good to set a regular date and time and stick to it every week, so people know your routine and know when to connect to your broadcast.

If you get some live-action enthusiasm, consider buying a good quality external webcam. Built-in webcams are not performing well enough for a high-quality live or you can go through your phone, the sensors have a much better Quality .

Other hack to make money on Onlyfans

Use the pinned post functionality.

Onlyfans lets you pin posts at the top of your feed. Pin a post that explains your content and tips menu.

Create a tips menu.

Create a list of all the services you offer and their cost, then add it to your pinned publication.

Make personalized content in your private messages:

This is a great way to increase your income a little and strengthen the relationship with your subscribers. If you have used the private messages and interacted with your subscribers, some will ask for personalized videos, or you can just ask them if they would be interested in this option.

Display text captions of your posts on your feed for non-subscribers:

In the settings, activate the option to display the text captions of your posts on your News feed for non-subscribers. With this option enabled, when people who are not subscribers view your page, your photos and content will be blurred and invisible, BUS the text caption will be visible. Use this text to attract the attention of your future subscribers and encourage them to opt-in. Try different legends that get the urge to see the content!

Create subscription bundles:

This functionality is available in the settings. Subscription packages make it easier for people who want to support you for longer and get a discount.

Plan your content:

This allows you to free up time to focus on private messages and create more content. When you create a new publication, simply click on the "Plan Publication" option.

You can even schedule posts for the whole week in advance, on Sundays, if you have your content ready.

This is a great way to publish on a regular basis, with the goal of making 2-3 posts a day, while also making time available to manage private messages, promote and expand your account. It is also a very convenient feature when life in general gets complicated. So if you need to take a week or two off, you can plan content to post to keep your page active and attractive.

Use promotions but not too often:

Do not offer promotions too frequently. If you do, limit them to two hours or the next X fans at the risk of moving down from your perceived value.

Add your wishlist to your profile:

Use platefomes like Thorne Or Wishtend To safely receive gifts from your fans without ever revealing your address.

If you are using an Amazon wishlist, use a different post-box from your own so as not to disclose your real address, there is a tricks to hide your name and replace it with a nickname and hide your address but totally because it only reveals the city of the recipient so use this knowingly.

Use the fundraising function

You can use the fundraising function to raise funds. For example, you might try to raise money for a new outfit or toy. You might even promise to make a video with the new outfit or toy if the goal is reached.


OnlyFans offers a multitude of effective tools available to its creators. You just need to choose the ones that will benefit you by testing each tool according to the various strategies you are considering. However, we understand that managing your OnlyFans account can be a challenge in terms of content, strategies and time management.

This is why we offer our Onlyfans agency services to accompany you on this adventure. Whether you need help developing quality content, putting in place promotion strategies and just saving time, our expert team is here to support you. Feel free to call on our services and maximize your potential on Onlyfans Here .

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